Curly Hair, Don’t Care!!

So, I love my hair. I love the cut, the volume, and the fact that it is SO easy to manage! My girl Brittany is amazing. I’ve been going to her for about 2 years now and she always gives me a good cut. Lately, I’ve been doing my hair curly. My hair is naturally wavy, which works to my advantage when I want to do a curly look. I get compliments all the time, when my hair is straight, but even more when I go curly. Ladies always approach me out in public to ask me where I get my hair cut and how I get it to be so volumized. I’ve even had a lady in a store stop me and ask if she could take a picture of my hair so she could go to her salon and have them cut her hair like mine. HA! If you’ve been wondering about this hair cut (A stacked bob) and how I style it, here’s your answer! The best news is that it literally takes me less than 10 minutes to do my hair on a daily basis! All you need is a couple tools and products! Here is what I use:


I’ve done the browsing for you! If you’re in the market for any of these products, click the links below for easy shopping!! You’re welcome!

Hair Tools/Products Details:

Plumping Mousse

Aussie Mousse

Herbal Essences Mousse

Conair Hair Dryer

Babyliss Straightener

Outfit Details:

Navy Blue Vest

Lucy’s Patriotic Romper

Navy Blue Sandals

Red Gap Shorts

Patriotic Tank Top

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below!!



3 thoughts on “Curly Hair, Don’t Care!!”

  1. Thank you for the hair product tips. I’m always looking for new products to try for my uncontrollable curls. I also like my hair in a stacked bob, and after my last haircut where my stylist cut it way too short, I’m now at a standstill and just letting my hair grow out a bit.


  2. Love your blog Becca ! Your hair always looks awesome. Thanks for sharing your tips. I have that collagen mousse I need to dig it out 🙂


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